VizGlow software tool is used for high-fidelity multi-dimensional modeling of non-equilibrium plasma discharges.


  • 1-D, 2-D (planar/axisymmetric) and 3-D problems
  • Self-consistent (sheath+plasma) and quasi-neutral formulation
  • Multi-species, multi-temperature formulation
  • Finite-rate gas chemistry (complex gas mixtures) and surface chemistry (etching, deposition, etc.)
  • Coupling to electromagnetics, fluid-flow, and particle models
  • Photoionization model
  • Valid over range of pressures ~mTorr to ~atm.
  • Unstructured mixed mesh framework
  • Parallel computing


  • Thin film etching / deposition / cleaning
  • Lighting and display
  • Aerodynamic flow control
  • Chemical processing
  • Combustion ignition / stabilization
  • Biomedical (e.g. sterilization)
  • Plasma propulsion
  • Plasma metamaterials

Industries Served:

  • Semiconductor equipment makers
  • Semiconductor IC manufacturers
  • Solar cell manufacturers
  • Flat-panel display manufacturers
  • Automotive industry (e.g. next generation combustion ignition)
  • Aerospace industry (e.g. flow control, plasma propulsion)
  • Electrical device manufacturers

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