SiPModeler for ANSYS

3D IC 自動建構產生器- SiPModeler for ANSYS

虎門科技在半導體封裝扎根20餘年, 培訓無數的IC封裝設計和分析人才. 在半導體業ANSYS的市占率超過90%以上,國內的一線和二線大廠幾乎沒有不使用ANSYS在產品開發和設計上. 過去這段時間虎門科技跟國內重要的研究單位和大學有產學合作和共同研發計畫,也獲得不少寶貴的經驗和收穫, 透過雙向交流後的成過產生出有價值的商品再次加值給用戶,甚至分享給全世界的ANSYS用戶.

"SiP Modeler" 是一套容易使用的IC封裝模型產生器,學習時間僅需要不到一小時就可以完全上手,且就能透過ANSYS求解器進行分析,故非常適合材料和電子電機工程師,需要計算IC的熱傳和變形分析.

"SiP Modeler"內建非常多的標準封裝形式和材料參數,您也可以修改成實際的樣式, 而這時間也僅需要幾分鐘就可以完成設計變更和ANSYS網格產生,大幅縮短建模時間,用戶透過進階模組也可以自建特定封裝形式成為自己的資料庫.

1. "System-in-Package"的機械和熱傳設計建模
2. 提供豐富資料庫(BGA, CSP, 3DIC, TSV, PLP, SMD)
3. 提供ANSYS Workbench 等效材料資料參數
4. 可輸出ANSYS Mesh 檔案(*.cdb)
5. 可整合在ANSYS分析程序內
6. ANSYS Classic和 ANSYS Icepak 使用相同的模型
7. 提供ANSYS Icepak的熱傳參數
8. 對3D IC提供TSV等效熱傳參數

What is "SiPModeler for ANSYS"
  1. SiP Modeler for ANSYS is an add-on tool for ANSYS multi-physics simulation platform which is a metaphor of an APP for smart phone. 
  2. Using SiP modeler, engineers can design a SiP module simply select electronic components and place them on to the substrate or PCB. With proper property assigned for each material, an APDL script can be generated by a single click on a button. Once the APDL script is imported into ANSYS, a meshed model of the SiP will be constructed in ANSYS and the material properties are all assigned. 
  3. Loading conditions can also be included in APDL script and, therefore, the stress simulation is just “One Click” away. 
  4. The meshed model can be used to generate a CDB file, which can be used to construct a structural model in ANSYS Workbench for other simulation tasks such as thermal simulation in ANSYS Icepak.
Benefits and Advantages
  1. An user friendly interface for System-in-Package mechanical and thermal design modeling
  2.  Includes enriched electronic package component library
  3.  Provides Workbench equivalent material properties
  4.  Exports mesh ready APDL script for electronic packages & SiP modules
  5.  Flawless design flow into ANSYS multi-physics environment
  6.  Uses same structural model in ANSYS classic and ANSYS Icepak
  7.  Provides thermal properties for ANSYS Icepak
  8.  Calculates TSV equivalent thermal conductivities for 3D IC design
Component types
  1. CSP (micro-BGA, M-uz Ball Stack , Board on Chip, Quad Flat No leads, etc)
  2. BGA
  3. PLP
  4. 3DIC
  5. SMD
  6. TSV

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